Bruce Whalen


As this Thanksgiving day comes to an end, we receive confirmation that our friend Bruce Whalen has passed today. Bruce loved life and he fought hard. He lit up the club when he walked in, somebody that everyone wanted to hang out with because he was fun to be around. He was also one of those types of people that made you feel like you were the only person in the room when you had a conversation with him. When you needed an honest opinion or some common sense, he was the right choice.

Bruce served honorably in the Air Force and, the past few years, as our 1st Vice Commander at Post 92. We finish off this day of giving thanks for every second we got to spend with him. He will be missed.

Go Cavemen!

Clambake 2017: Bruce & Sherry (Photobomb by Annie)

One thought on “Bruce Whalen

  1. Scott Burton

    I remember Bruce as one of my Patients. I knew the minute I met him he was military, As we all know we can recognize in each other. I just found out he passed by looking up this post. He was a great guy, Even after fighting in Vietnam he fought another long hard battle. God has taken home a hero. I will miss him.


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