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Facebook Contest, 2 Chances to win a $20 bar tab!

Help us promote our new Official Post 92 Facebook page and have 2 chances to win a $20 bar tab!

  1. Click the Facebook logo below.
  2. “Like” the page itself
  3. Find the post titled “Win a $20 bar tab contest” and in the comment section, pick a number between 1 and 100. (try to pick a number nobody else has. If the same number is picked more than once, the winner is whoever chose the number first.

Two numbers between 1 and 100 have already been drawn and put into 2 separate envelopes (the video of the drawing is also on the Facebook page).

At 50 likes we will open the first envelope to reveal the first number. At 100 likes, we will open the second envelope for the second winner.

American Legion Post 92 Hollywood

Never Forget

closeup of a rusty dog tag with the text thank you veterans engraved in it, next to a flag of the United States, on a rustic wooden surface

Field of American flags displayed on the honor of Veterans Day celebration on a beautiful autumn morning in Texas.

We love and honor our veterans who served in the United States in all wars with heart shape painted in American flag pattern