Commander – Guy Pagan
1st Vice Commander – Bruce Whalen
2nd Vice Commander – Drew Thomas
Adjutant – Richard Snyder
Finance Officer – Mary Umholtz
Chaplin – Narvell Greer
Service Officer – Bill Johnson, George Robert
Judge Advocate – Mark Butler, P.A.

Eboard – Tony Tentor, Gene Casale

Sons of the American Legion
Commander – Chris Holden
1st Vice Commander – Jude Baltes
2nd Vice Commander – Guido Bonelli
Adjutant – Joe Lemma
Chaplan – Jim Boudreau
SGT at Arms – Scot Pennington

President – Barbara Occhhiuzzi
1st Vice President – Pat Conde
Seceratary – Jackie Mason
Treasurer – Maryalice Snyder
Chaplan – Katarina Greer
Sgt at Arms – Barbara Rella

Executive Committee – Ginny Cioffi, Barbara Kolo, Annie Reagen

Director – Jude Baltes
1st Vice Director – Uncle Charlie
Sgt at Arms – Joe Lemma
Road Captain – Fernando Durand

Monthly Meetings
Legion – 2nd Monthly Tuesday
Auxiliary – 1st Monthly Tuesday
Sons – 3rd Monthly Tuesday
Riders – Last Tuesday of Month