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Sorry, should have thought of this sooner, but thought I’d share some helpful links. These are general, but if anyone has Veteran specific resources that they vouch for, or any others, leave in a comment and we will post. Thanks!

If you are currently laid off or unemployed,
Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (also has a system to help find jobs during regular times)
To apply for unemployment, use their system (it is down during the evening due to high demand
They also put up another one (might be a better option if you haven’t already used the above:

IRS, In regards to stimulus (thanks to Drew for sending)

If you are a senior or know a senior in need of assistance (these people are really nice). They offer help with getting things such as food, in-house care, transportation, some utilities help, etc.
Aging and Disability Resource Center of Broward
and on the same page there is this search for specific services under ‘Community Resources’..

Florida Department of Children and Families (Food help and Medicaid for low income and in need households)
To Apply

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