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Well it was good while it lasted! Kent Wallace is off conquering the world in parts of Asia! Post 92 would like to thank Kent for all his hard work helping promote us and other Hollywood small business restaurants the past few years and for putting a spot light on many of our great Legionaires. We wish him the absolute best in his travels!
Will the Albotross of good omen ever return to the skies of Hollywood? The Goblet of the Scribe awaits…
Post 92 is happy to have our own distinguished journalist, Kent Wallace, on the scene! Through the miracles of SCIENCE, we are able to zap articles he writes about us from his tubmlr account, right here, to our own website. Kent does a lot to promote Post 92 and we truly appreciate him!
We encourage you to check out all of his work and follow him at:

The Scribe Meets the High Command

(from Kent Wallace’s Facebook, January 25, 2018)

Yesterday served up a healthy dose of humility and delight…

I happened into American Legion Post 92 and stumbled upon some big-to-do that included Denise Rohan, the National Commander of the American Legion—we’re talking the boss, capo di tutti capi—the leader of the American Legion nationwide!!!

In any event, I had the extreme honor of being introduced to Denise by the 92’s Commander Guy Pagan. And when Denise Rohan stepped up to the microphone and made her brief, poignant remarks, she made a point of pointing me out—as a journalist who writes about and promotes the American Legion and our veterans.

What’s better than a pat-on-the-back with a salute from the high command!

I beseech everyone here in the Hip Hamlet of Hollywood to drop in, pay your respects. Buy a drink, have some lunch or show up for Wednesday’s weekly BBQ (best steak, chicken, rib deal in town).

National Commander Denise Rohan and Kent Wallace