No $100 bills at Cantina/Kitchen/Legion Events&Games

We apologize for the inconvenience, but due to an influx of counterfeit $100 bills being passed that are also passing reasonable spot-on testing standards (such as the marker, visual inspection), we no longer accept $100 bills at the Cantina/Bar or for food made by the kitchen during normal operations, or for Legion sponsored events/games. it is up to the chapters (S.A.L./Aux /Riders) at their own sponsored events as to whether they will or not.

If you are new to the area, please note we do accept Credit/Debit Cards, have an ATM machine on the premisises, and many national banks, including Wells Fargo, BOA, Suntrust, and more are within walking distance of our beautiful Downtown Hollywood location.

No politics or post business at the Cantina.

As per Professor (Commander), a reminder that there is to be no talk of politics or Post Business at the bar. This also means that members will not have any form of National News Service or Politically oriented programming (ie CNN, Fox, MSNBC, 60 Minutes, etc) on the television sets. This will be enforced by the bartenders, who will ask those discussing politics to change the subject or leave the bar area.

Super Bowl Sunday LIV (54)

Not going to Hard Rock Stadium for the Super Bowl in Miami, this year? Then come join Friends and US Military Veterans at Hollywood Legion Post 92!

Bud & Bud Light Bottle Buckets 5/$10
As always, well drinks $3, Call to Premium $3.50-$5.50, Cocktails and Shots $4-$6, Drafts $2.50+
Multiple TV’s, Billiards, Darts
$5-$10 [] games * available now, see the bartender on duty! *5 sold out, a few 10 remaining.
*Some games must be a member to participate